So oder so ähnlich könnte die Vorgabe eines US amerikanischen Auftraggebers ausschauen, der Freelancer bzw. selbständige Einzelunternehmer für ein zeitlich begrenztes Beratungsprojekt beauftragen möchte:



All independent contractors or the employee(s) of any third-party vendor or temporary staffing agency who provide services on any ABC system or premise are required to successfully complete pre-employment screening and verifications that are consistent with ABC standards.

The process and expense of the review are the responsibility of the independent contractor, third party vendor or temporary staffing agency unless otherwise stipulated by contract. The results of the background review process will be analyzed by the independent contractor third party vendor and temporary staffing agency in the same manner set forth for associates of ABC.

All offers of employment are made contingent on the candidate’s results of the pre-employment screening and verification. Screenings and verifications will be conducted following the signed agreement and Statement of Work. Prior to the first day worked, screening and verification results must have been reviewed and confirmed to have successfully met defined Company standards.

Screening and verifications for all positions across the Company will include but are not limited to verification(s) that may be required based on the job function, position, client contractual requirement, local or country specific law or business necessity as follows:

1. Background Checks:

a. ID Check/Passport Verification: This search may determine the following information:

• ID Check – The ID search is conducted to verify that the ID# is a validly issued number and that the candidate’s name is assigned to that ID#.

• Passport Verification – This search supports the verification of the applicant’s identity. An online database is used to match the authenticity of a candidate passport number with the applicant name using the unique passport Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ) code. This does not replace the legal requirement to check a new hires Right to Work at the commencement of their employment.

• Also Known As (AKA) Selection Service: The most common name selection service for each applicant and the most popular/commonly used name defined by the Social Security trace data source will be performed using the product type(s) selected by the company and will apply to domestic (U.S.) screens only.

b. Education: The verification will confirm:

• The education credentials (highest degree obtained only).

• Education must be from an accredited institution.

• Education will not be checked if the position does not require a degree.

c. Employment: The verification will validate five (5) years of employment history.

d. Professional Employment References: No fewer than two (2) professional employment references will be obtained. Professional references will not be checked for VP level positions and above.

2. Criminal Checks

a. Criminal – Government Sources: Unless applicable country law stipulates otherwise, a criminal search sourced from government/policy authorities will be conducted on all candidates for seven (7) year period based on address history, including employment and education addresses.

The results of the report will be evaluated to determine whether the conviction(s) are substantially related to the position. Fair consideration will be given to the relationship between the conviction and the position offered in accordance with applicable country law.

3. Other Checks

a. Global Sanctions & Enforcement Checks: A database search is comprised of information from more than 400 U.S. and international, government and regulator enforcement organizations to identify restricted, sanctioned and prohibited individuals. At a minimum each candidate will be checked against the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control’s (OFAC), “Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons” (SDN) database. Additional Terrorist Watch List searches may be included as part of the Global Watch check. The results of the check will be evaluated and if the report indicates that the candidate’s name appears on the list, the process identified in the Background Review Procedure will be followed.

b. Credit History Check: Unless applicable country law stipulates otherwise, all positions require the review of the credit history of the candidate. A credit check determines the general creditworthiness of the candidate including in the present location, Regional Court Judgements, Bankruptcy, Voluntary Agreements, etc. Includes adverse financial judgements for debts and negative credit ratings. Local court records search in the jurisdiction of the candidate’s current or most recent address.

c. Professional License: This search verifies an individual’s professional license with the issuing authority, reveals disciplinary actions (if reported by the issuing authority) and identifies renewal and expiration dates.

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